One of the most fun part about checking into a luxury resort is making use of the facilities and amenities. Spices lap given the spaciousness of the property has many facilities.

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In-house Restaurant

In house restaurant: Craving for some yummy food? Come down to our in-house restaurant that will keep your hunger at bay. We offer a variety of cuisines of best taste and top quality. Also, for dinner join us for a night filled with music and laughter. There would be a performance followed by karaoke. So, sing along or jump on to the stage and help us make your vacation the best.

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Ayurveda & Spa

Ayurveda which translates to ‘The Science of Life’ is one of the oldest healing methods known to mankind. It believes that a delicate balance between mind, body and soul is what creates good health and wellness.

So, please go ahead and pick and choose from an array of ayurvedic massages. Maybe, each day can be a new massage. End your vacation feeling completely revitalized.

  • Badminton Court

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    A game that perhaps every Indian has played in their life at some point. Can be played by any age group and can engage 4 people max at once. It’s a fun game if you want to just stay back at the hotel or if you have come after a day of sightseeing.

  • Recreational Area

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    On a holiday and yet cant stop thinking about the holiday weight already? We’ve got your back. In this area you can meditate, do yoga, pilates and a multitude of other things.

  • Basket Ball Court

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    Would you like to just chill at the resort with your friends or do you want your kids to do play around while you and your better half can have a jolly good time, look no further, basket ball court to the rescue.

  • Children’s Play Area

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    If you are travelling with your kids, you don’t want to miss this. While your children have some fun time you too can slip off your shoes and relax.

  • Swimming pool

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    A sunny day? Come jump into the pool and swim or just chill by the pool sipping a nice cooler.

  • Hot Water

    Private bathrooms with the running cold and hot water showers. We are sure that you will comfortably relieve the weariness of your journey.

  • Reception 24x7

    We operate a 24 hour; therefore you will not need to worry about late check-in. Maximum assistance during your holidays.

  • Doctor On Call

    We provide you 24x7 medical assistance. Our experienced doctors will treat you with good care. You can receive your medical assistance anytime you need.

  • Hammocks

    Feeling lazy? Just feel like sleeping? Hammock to the rescue. These comfortable sleep inducing magical beds are just perfect for it. You can lie down and gaze at the bountiful nature around you.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Jump online anytime, anywhere! You can now keep in touch with friends and family, or even take care of business at your convenience.

  • LED TV

    Digital Cable delivers the best selection of current TV shows and hit movies. Enjoy up to 240 channels at no additional charge.

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